Friday, February 23, 2018

Andrea Day

Andrea Day

MJportrait artist at ArtByDay, Portrait Artist at 25th Anniversary of Neverland Valley Amusement Park and junior novel main illustrator at Lundon's bridge and the three keys



Rea was born in Yorkshire, England in May 1969 (45). She began drawing as young as she could hold a pencil !. She received 'A' level art Qualifications and taught in the same school she attended. She had one of her paintings entered into the National Portrait Gallery In London in Dec''97, as tribute to Princess Diana. She was among the 100 picked to go into the Gallery. She has been married to Andrew for 5 years now, and has one son called Michael (after MJ), who is a photographer. She has 1 Granddaughter and a Grandson due in June . She has done portraits for different people from around the world and all have been loved. She is an Amazing wife, mother, sister, and BEST FRIEND, and i love her so much that no one in the world could come close to her as a best friend or sister. She is the most warm and kind-hearted person i have ever known due to the fact that she is always thinking of less fortunate people before herself. She sends Michael Jackson dolls all across the world to people that have very little money and also has sent many drawings to fans across the world. She is such a kind person that people should truly know about how wonderful this woman REALLY is. Rea has also suffered desperately for 17 years from Pulmonary Embolism's and her life was threatened so much because of this. Before Christmas the doctor's stated that she was given the All Clear, how happy and joyful we all were, and to make it even better i got to see her December 30 - January 5th, but had to come back as i could not be away from her. Now i live here with her and her Husband Andrew permanently. The Pulmonary Embolism could come back, and we are hoping that this will NOT be the case. Rea is a very sensitive but very loyal person and will do almost anything for the people that she loves. Rea continues to draw and has been chosen as an illustrator for the Junior Novel of Lundon's Bridge and The Three Keys due for release in Sep '15 and the movie due for release in 2017.

Interview :

Q : What inspires you to draw Rea ?

A : People that have been through hardships, it gives me strength knowing what i have been through and what others have been through and it makes me happy to know i can make others happy through my drawings as well as my family who have supported me throughout and it takes my mind off things. I listen to music as i draw and that also helps and inspires me. My Brother Daz has been my rock as well as my mum. They have been there supporting me all the way including my husband Andrew.

Q : How did you become an Illustrator for Lundon's Bridge ?

A : As it was my wish for my art to be recognised, my best friend Margaret took it upon herself to contact Dennis H Christen - the author of Lundon's Bridge - stating in an email that it would be wonderful if my art would be more recognised around the world. He then sent a reply to her stating that it would wonderful for me to be the new illustrator for the Junior Novel of the book Lundon's Bridge and The Three Keys.

Q : How has being an Illustrator to Lundon's Bridge helped you ?

A : It has boosted my confidence and has given me the opportunity to have my art recognised not just by social media.

Q : When can people be expected to get their hands on a copy of Lundon's Bridge?

A : The expected due date for release of the Junior Novel Of Lundon's Bridge is around Sep '15

Q : Tell us a little bit about your art that you sell ?

A : For Copyright reasons i cannot sell my art but in the near future would love to donate to Michael's Dream Foundation which is one of my dreams.

Q : Where do you see yourself 5 years from now Rea?

A : I see myself still trying to inspire and make people happy and also hoping my health improves.

I also was recently approached by Mr Rob Swinson creator of Neverland Valley Theme Park for Michael Jackson and Author of "The Maker of dreams" to create art work for the 25th Anniversary edition of his book. It is regarding Robs remembrance of that very night on 31st October 1990 when he and Michael sat underneath a full moon sat on board the C.P. Huntington Miniature Locomotive howling at the moon together when the first phase of the Park was inaugurated . He asked me to recreate his memory of that wonderful occasion by devising Artwork to commemorate that night 25 years ago. I placed all of the memories told to me by Rob on to paper and created a wonderful memory for him. He was so pleased with it and he will be placing the artwork i have created within his 25th edition of "The Maker of dreams". © 2015 ArtByDay My face book art page is  Art by Day  Im an Artist of Portraits, Pets Landscapes or Designing Tattoos. I can pretty much draw any thing you want. I have had one of my paintings in the National Portrait Gallery in London and have been drawing since I could hold a pencil and paintbrush. .