Friday, February 23, 2018

Zeke Allen - MDF Childrens Ambassador

Zeke Allen - MDF Childrens Ambassador

Zeke Allen is not a celebrity, musician or actor. In fact, he is just two years old. He cannot talk but he can communicate very well. He is a very special young man as throughout his life he has given unconditional love regardless of the obstacles he has had to overcome. Zeke is a shining light to all.

Not many adults could withstand all he has had to endure in his short time here. You see, this little marvel was born with a condition called Goldenhar. He was born missing one ear, and his lower jaw was severely underdeveloped. After several tests to assess his hearing it was discovered that he has “normal” hearing in his left ear and he has mild loss of hearing in the right. It’s pretty remarkable to have hearing without an ear! He also could not be fed orally because his chin was too small. Zeke has been through surgery after surgery, pulling and turning his small jaw and taking one of his ribs to construct a jawline. 

He has been a wonderful child throughout his long and painful journey, in fact more so than his mother could imagine. He has bounced back after each surgery seemingly determined to get back to his usual happy self. Fortunately, Zeke's condition will improve as he grows and he will one day be able to talk normally, but in the meantime he is enjoying life as a normal 2 year old does but with the added challenge of all the procedures still yet to be performed. He has shown so much courage and strength so far though, and he will come through each one with love and support from all of us. We are extremely happy to name Zeke as an Official Children's Ambassador for Michael's Dream Foundation.



The Words of Jessica Allen (Zeke's Mother)

"Zeke was born with Goldenhar Syndrome. This is where he is missing parts on one side of his face. In his case, he is missing his right ear and lower mandible of his jaw.

He has had 6 surgeries to reconstruct his jaw and placement of his feeding tube.

He has Physical, Speech, Music and occupational therapy on a regular basis.
He will be 2 years old in July.

He does not talk yet but he mumbles a lot. We have been able to teach him some sign language so he can communicate a little.

His brain is fully functional but he just can't physically speak just yet.
He is such a strong little boy, although he hates doctors until they are done touching him...and then he will flirt.

Additionally Zeke will be joining Michael's Dream  Foundation Representative Louise Greer and several others to the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite, the hospital Zeke has spent most of his life, to give Michael's Dream Boxes to the children that are receiving medical healing. Even though Zeke cannot speak the words, he fully understands what you are saying and his smiles hold many words.”

As Zeke grows we will continue to share his progress. Zeke holds a special place with Michael's Dream Foundation, not only as an Ambassador but because he is a beacon of light, hope and love for all children going through a healing process and needing the extra love and encouragement to be strong.

In the meantime, for more information about Zeke Allen or to help him and his mother with a donation, please visit