Friday, February 23, 2018

Dennis Christen

Dennis Christen

Dennis is an American director, actor and writer currently directing the film "Lundon's Bridge and The Three Keys"


Dennis was born in Lehi, Utah in 1948. After growing up in California and Utah, he joined the army the day after graduating from high school and subsequently served in Korea from 1966 to 1969. After completing his term in the service, Dennis spent a two-semester stint at Brigham Young University. However, he could not resist the call of Hollywood and went to pursue his dream of acting and writing. During the long, drawn-out actor strike of 1980, Dennis was cast to do a miniseries in South Korea. After finishing the initial series, he was offered additional roles. However, to do so, he was required to learn to read, write and speak the Korean language. Dennis quickly began to learn the language and an original 3-month stay turned into almost 12 years. He established a solid career as an actor in Korea becoming a star on one of the most successful daily sitcoms in Korean television history called "High Schooler Diary" (Ko-kyo Sang-il-gee). During his 12 years in Korea, Dennis performed in over 640 episodic television shows, miniseries, movies of the week and feature films, which took him to 12 different ountries. The last and largest miniseries was the multi-award winning 38-hour program called, “The Eyes of Dawn” (Yo-myong-wee Noon-dong-ja). During the 1980’s in Korea, foreign actors were not allowed to win awards, so instead of the normal Korean version of the Emmy, Dennis was given a Special Acting Award for his role in the first all-English language movie of the week that had ever been produced in Korea. The English title was “Tear for My Enemy” (In-kan-kwa Chun-jang). Dennis was the first foreign actor to be placed on the Korean TV Guide list of the 50 most

popular entertainers. He was also the first non-Korean actor allowed to join the Korea Television Actor Association. It was during one of the association functions that he met and married Korean actress Eun Kyong Seo.

Eventually, Dennis stepped behind the camera as an assistant director for the Cannon Group film, “Field Of Honor”. He then wrote, starred in, and produced the award winning feature film “Soldiers of Innocence.” The film was nominated for two Grand Bell Awards (Korea equivalent of the Academy Awards) and won the award  for Best New Director.

He authored a non-fiction book entitled, “Rape? Not Me!!” That book, Dennis' first, was published in 1974. He has subsequently written several screenplays for motion pictures and television. Dennis is currently based in Los Angeles, California and is the Chief of Production at C-It Entertainment Group, LLC. In 2002 his second book, a novel entitled, “Dennis H. Christen's - Madam, The Grass Is High," a romantic comedy love story about the old for the young, is being sold worldwide on and, and in 2009 his third book, "Lundon Bridge and the Three Keys," a story about a heroic 13-year-old girl that wins a war between the land and the sea using nothing more than her love and belief in her parents was published and is being sold exclusively for and on behalf of American Schools. Both novels are being turned into feature films in 2012 for release in 2013. In order to get the story and character awareness out and after a massive test marketing effort country-wide a second edition of the novel "Lundon's Bridge and the Three Keys" was released in December 2011.

Thank you Dennis for your love and willingness to help us make this dream come true!