Friday, February 23, 2018



Kayta has performed on the biggest scenes in Russia and overseas, took part in several commercials, she has been involved in various russian and international music project (including Western Europe and States) and etc.

Been involved in many press projects including exclusive interviews and pictures for the magazines and news papers in Russia and overseas (Europe, USA) including BEST OF THE BEST MAGAZINE (special issue about the most successful and meaningful persons in show, movie and business industries published with Russia government support) and well-known MOSCOW TIMES newspaper.

Kayta been starring in the bunch of TV, Talk and Reality Shows, participant of several movie projects (central and satellite channels) such as - "TRIO", "START UP", "SATURDAY EVENING", "OFFICE REALITY SHOW (Star guest)", "KINEMATIKA", "GOOD MORNING, MOSCOW", "OLYMPIC FRIENDSHIP INTERNATIONAL TV-BRIDGE (with support of central russian and foreign channels such as CNN), "EVOLUTION" and many more.

Special guest and performer and co-producer of a main track for the International gig hosted by UNESCO (Red Square venue) and dedicated to OLYMPIC GAMES in Beijing.

Participant of many charity projects and events for the kids and people in need including charity shows at hospitals and orphans houses in Russia.

Thank you for your invaluable support and welcome to the family Kayta!

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