Friday, February 23, 2018



Dear Mrs. Jackson, Mr. Jackson, Rebbie, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Latoya, Marlon, Randy,  Janet, Prince, Paris and Blanket:


For those of you who may not know me, I’m an actor, entertainer and Michael Jackson historian. More importantly, Michael was my friend.


I can’t begin to fathom what you’re going through right now. As your heart is bleeding, so is mine.  I am so, so sensitive to your pain.

It is extremely difficult for me to write this letter right now because I never thought in my wildest dreams this time would come so soon. I can’t remember ever not listening to Michael and the Jackson 5.

Since the age of 2 he’s been a part of my DNA so i feel as though i too have lost a brother.

Spending time at the Hayvenhurst home on family day and having the grandkids tell Mrs. Jackson that I looked like ‘Applehead’ is an experience I’ll always cherish and one that made me feel like family.

I have always held my head high in pride, stood strong and fought back with class and diplomacy and defended him when need be from the evil haters who tried to bring him down. I have always turned down those who’ve asked me to participate in TV or film projects that were derogatory and hurtful to his image and his heart.

Michael promised me in 2003 when I presented the key to the city of Las Vegas to him with assistance of the mayor that he would live forever and somehow i held him to it. He said if I ever needed him he would always be there for me and that of all the tribute artists he had seen, I was the best. More importantly, he trusted me. He's trusted me to make appropriate statements to the media and I have always delivered. He thanked me for the piece I did on VH1 in 2001.

I was finalizing a major event honoring Michael with Guinness book in which I received a letter on May 20, 2009 stating that he was flattered and agreed to attend. The event was set for October 25, in Las Vegas. I received a phone call the day of Michael’s passing saying that an ambulance had just pulled up to his Beverly Hills home. Of course we prayed that it wasn’t for Michael. Our prayers were not answered.

For me Michael Jackson has been about more than just an innovator of entertainment. He has been a teacher of life.

I will forever, for as long as I live, continue to protect the integrity of his legend.

With a very humble heart and extreme sincerity, I will continue to love him unconditionally and continue to support, cherish, love and up lift him in the highest most positive light….from time indefinite…til time indefinite. 

Miracle Michael, Michael Jackson lives inside of me and he’ll always live inside me.

When I think that Michael is no longer here and what his children and mother must be going through, it feels as though something has knocked the wind out of me.

May Michael Jackson finally have peace.

With love always,


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