Friday, February 23, 2018

Elaine Goodey - Our Spotlight Pledge at 3500! (England)

All I hope for in my heart is that Michael’s dream of the children’s hospital and other projects in Michael’s memory are all here soon providing them with the most care and love throughout their lives…..

I am so lucky, I have 4 beautiful healthy children. Michael was an amazing human being with a heart as big as the ocean there will never be another Michael ever. I wish MJCH much success and know how proud the moment will be when you open the hospital knowing that children will receive the utmost healthcare all in Michael’s name. I wish you well and will continue to support the MJCH forever, as long as I love and thank God for Michael. And due to his loving and caring ways as well as his music, will become his legacy these places are being put in place. Since becoming a Michael Jackson fan I have met some amazing people and I thanks God for that every day for I have a family and for that and getting to know a real hero Michael Jackson I will be eternally grateful with much love. Everyone should get to know just how magical Michael Jackson is and I know then our children’s future would be bright for the world will become a better place. I will certainly be educating mine to how wonderful he is and soldiers of love such as yourselves who are doing so many things for Michael’s legacy. I thank you wholeheartedly for all you are doing to help change this crazy world.

Much Love,

Elaine in Essex, England