Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Full Pledge List


What Is a "Pledge"?

A Pledge is nothing more than signing your name to a petition. Submitting your FREE Pledge simply tells the world that YOU believe in Michael's Dreams and want to see them come true. It only takes a minute and asks you for no overly personal information. Name, country, email address and that's it!

If you submitted a pledge but do not see it on this list, please send an email to and we will check into it right away!

If you have not yet submitted your pledge and wish to do so, just click the Pledge! tab at the top of any page on this site and fill out the simple form.  

Thank you ALL for your incredible support and we look forward to seeing more names added to this list! ♥

(Includes all 3 pledge lists: Individual, Group & VIP)

***The pledge list is sorted by FIRST name. To find YOUR name, simply type it into the search box below***



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