Friday, February 23, 2018

Updated 6/28/2015

The Michaels' Children's Hospital Project (MCH) was founded in 2011 with Michael's Dream Foundation coming into being in 2012 with the primary purpose of raising the capital and support required to build a new children's hospital from the ground up. This is still our ultimate goal but we felt that while we are building a solid foundation and gaining the knowledge we will need to make this Dream come true, we could also be helping children in other ways. That is when the Dream Box Program was born. To learn more about Michael's Dream Boxes, go HERE.

Raising the capital to build a children's hospital is going to require an abundance of financial and human resources alike, and time. As a small group of everyday working people we know that taking the slow and steady path is the right way to go. Our Dream and expectation is that this foundation will grow and last for decades or even centuries after we are gone.

We have begun accepting tax-deductible donations for the MCH project and we will keep you updated with every additional step of progress we make. In order to stay updated on everything Michael's Dream Foundation does, please sign up to receive our public updates. You can also follow us on several social media sites! See the top of this page for our Facebook and Twitter links!

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