Friday, February 23, 2018

Louise Greer

Louise Greer
Georgia, USA


In her own words:

"I am the same age as Michael Jackson. I grew up in foster care and children’s homes. One day when I was 11 my sister was taken from me, and because I was already separated from my other siblings my life was never the same. I was feeling very low and wanted to end it all. One of the house mothers came to me and presented me with BEN, I played that album over and over and over again. Michael became my friend. I grew up with him in so many ways, his clothes, his dance moves (which I tried and failed), but his love above all else pulled me through my darkest times. When Michael left us behind I felt as though I had lost my best friend. A few days later I made a promise to Michael that I would be there and help children in any way that i was able. I also promised that I would take better care of my own family. I believe Michael would want and embrace what we are doing here. He trusted and loved his fans very much. He always stated that "It starts with us".

I started a group several years ago on one of the social sites and became an online counselor to teens, because so many teens are on the internet i found it very important to keep them safe. Many of these teens are now adults and lifelong friends. I have four adult children of my own and 10 grandchildren. I was born and raised in England and later moved to New York. I had attended culinary school in England and began my career as a female Executive Chef. I worked in this career for over 20 years, but my creative side needed more so I enrolled in design school and have been working as a designer in various fields ever since. I love to sew and have my own designer handbags and hat line. I do like to stay busy.
I will make this Foundation my lifelong cause to Michael, my friend of a lifetime, he saved me from myself and I will always be grateful for his love. I know many are still looking for ways to move on because Michael gave so much love to the world and the world is still crying. Please join us and help us to fulfill his dream. It will definitely put everything into perspective for many. Thank you and please share the love to everyone."

Louise Greer